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When selling your home, first impressions are the ONLY impressions.

Here are some must-do’s before you list your home.

De Clutter
Listing your home gives you a great opportunity to decluter. We all collect things that we don’t need and now are a good time to go through those items that have been hiding in the basement. Now is a great time to have a garage sale or donate these items to charity.
If you have a lot of items, junk removal companies can help you quick and easily remove your unwanted items.

Giving you house a deep clean can give you a competative advantage in the market. Give everything from the baseboards to the curtains a good clean. Ensure that your counters sparkle and the bathrooms are spic and span. If you need a hand cleaning companies can help give your house a good deep clean.

Storage is a key factor on most homebuyer’s lists. Half empty closets and cupboards to display your storage space. Buyers will be looking inside your cupboards so ensure you keep them tidy.

Make your “home” a “house”
The more personalized things you have in your house the harder it is to sell. Buyers find it hard to visualize themselves in a house that seems like someone else’s. Take the time to stage your house and take down items like family photos. Create a blank slate for those looking to buy your house.

Hide the dog
Family pets are also family members, but not everyone is an animal lover. If you are planning an open house, it is best to take Fido and all his items with you. This will open the market to pet friendly and not so pet friendly buyers.

Kitchen is key
The heart of the home is the kitchen. A quick refresh of your kitchen can make a big difference when selling your house. Fast inexpensive kitchen refreshes can be as simple as natural paint and new hardware. Other simple changes like painting cupboards and replacing the counter can take a kitchen from out dated to updated.

Smells like home
Not all smells are good for selling houses. A common mistake is too many plug-in air fresheners. A more successful approach is to air out your home and bake some cookies before your open house. Freshly baked smells make a house seem more of a home. Just don’t burn the cookies.

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