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Selling Tips

1st impressions count. Prospective buyers will come to your property and go through your home, often with a fine toothed comb. An investment in time and money will often give your home an advantage over other similar listings when showing it to potential buyers.

The following is a checklist of tips and comments that will assist you in preparing your home for sale.
General Impressions
  • House exterior is in good repair
First Impressions
  • Clean and tidy entrance
  • Functional doorbell
  • Polished and functional door hardware
  • Fresh air in house – especially after cooking
  • Summer – lawn cut and raked; hedges and shrubs trimmed; garden weeded
  • Fall – leaves raked; walkway, decks and patio swept
  • Winter – clear snow and ice; sand/salt walkways if required
Interior Maintenance
  • repair cracked plaster
  • touch up paint
  • tighten door knobs and cupboard latches
  • clean furnace and humidifier
  • replace light bulbs
  • oil squeaky doors
  • polish mirrors and fixtures
  • repair leaky taps and toilets
  • ensure seals around tubs and basins are in good repair
  • clean the floors
  • empty the garbage
  • put away clutter
  • clean inside of cupboards and cabinets
  • ensure towels are clean and matching
  • polish sinks and taps
  • clean appliances
  • put away small appliances
  • put away clutter
  • clean inside of cupboards and cabinets
  • clear and clean countertops
Creating the Right Atmosphere
  • turn on all lights
  • turn on air conditioner in warm weather
  • turn on fireplace in cool weather
  • ensure closets are neat and tidy
  • clear all halls and stairs of clutter
  • open draped during the day
  • vacuum carpets
  • lock valuables safely away or take with you
  • keep safely out of reach if not put away
For the Showing
  • remove or contain pets during showings
  • try to be out of the home during showing.
If this is not possible:
  • let the realtor show the property
  • don’t follow – stay in the background unless asked a question
  • do not offer too much information