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Selling With Shauna


Strategic Pricing Evaluation:

Every property is unique and setting the correct price is essential for attracting potential buyers and optimizing returns. Numerous factors influence the listing price, including the current condition and age of the property, its location’s topography and access to amenities. Given this diversity, I conduct a comprehensive analysis of the market taking into consideration the comparable properties, recent sales and current market trends. This ensures that your property is competitively and fairly priced for a timely and profitable sale.

Professional Staging and Presentation:

First impressions are crucial! Staging a home to sell is an essential strategy in the real estate industry and offers a myriad of benefits. Staging helps transform a property into an appealing and inviting space by strategically arranging furniture, decor and accessories to showcase the home while emphasizing its best features.

Staged homes photograph beautifully, resulting in eye-catching listing photos and virtual tours. This attracts more attention from prospective buyers browsing online listings and increases the likelihood of scheduling viewings. Staged homes typically sell faster.

As an seasoned Realtor that goes the extra mile in the presentation of my listings, I have a personal storage unit equipped to furnish a four bedroom home. 
This service is included with no additional fees!

Thorough Marketing Approach:

Utilizing a blend of traditional and digital marketing platforms, I develop customized campaigns to amplify the visibility of your property. Each listing is enhanced with a dedicated web page featuring a professional photography & virtual tour, floorplans (if required), digital/printable brochures, strategic online & social media presence and quality signage.Your home will garner the attention it merits reaching a broad spectrum of potential buyers.

Guidance & Negotiation:

Dealing with the intricacies of real estate transactions can be daunting. I offer continuous support and direction throughout the selling process, starting from the initial listing phase to negotiations and eventual closure. My objective is to streamline the experience, ensuring you remain well-informed and empowered throughout.

Negotiation is a skillful endeavor and I bring a wealth of experience to the table. Advocating on your behalf, I strive to secure the most favorable terms and conditions for the sale of your property. Whether it’s negotiating price or contingencies, my focus remains on maximizing your return on investment.

Open House Events:

Today, many buyers independently browse homes and attend Open House events. These occasions serve as a platform to showcase your property, providing potential buyers with an immersive experience to envision themselves within the space. This often translates into faster and more advantageous offers.

The decision to host Open Houses is entirely at the discretion of my sellers.

Efficient Administration:

For a seamless closing process, I harness the power of cutting-edge transaction management tools. This involves orchestrating communication among all stakeholders, managing paperwork, and swiftly resolving any arising issues.

Additionally, I have the backing of a Licensed Assistant with more than two decades of real estate sales experience. Your confidence and piece of mind is my foremost concern.


Selling your property is a substantial endeavor and selecting the appropriate real estate professional can be pivotal. With a dedication to excellence, I provide an extensive range of services crafted to enhance your listing experience and attain the best possible outcomes.

Ready to list your home for sale? Lets embark on this journey together to transform your real estate aspirations into tangible achievements.

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176 Grenfell Crescent, MLS#1324180  $999,000
Grenfell Glen-7504

125 Diamond Park Springs, MLS#1352281  $1,450,000

72 Gladecrest Court, MLS#1328642  $524,900
Leslie Park-7601

60 Burbank Street, MLS#1322089  $699,900
Grenfell Glen-7504

47 Gladecrest Court, MLS#1326192  $599,900
Leslie Park-7601

29 Brodeour Crescent, MLS#1327753 $878,000

19 Kimini Drive, MLS#1357650  $1,600,000

16 Wendell Avenue, MLS#1341831  $1,249,900
Stittsville, Crossing Bridge-8202

10 Bradley Green Court, MLS#1362058 $164,900
Fringewood North -8211

2 John Sidney Crescent, MLS#1363131 $849,900
Stittsville South-6001

1661 Nightshade Place, MLS#1330684  $1,390,000

7618 Settlers Way, MLS#1362387  $649,900
Rideau Country Estates-8008

332 Amiens Street, MLS#1339131 $549,900
Queenswood Heights-1102


49 Brightside Avenue, MLS#1336437  $1,098,000
Stittsville South-8203

484 Athlone Ave.

927 Whippoorwill Lane, MLS#1335500  $775,000
Lanark Highlands-913

47 Claridge Drive, MLS#1357922  $699,900

95 Ida Street, MLS#1352527  $799,000
Jed Creek, Arnprior-550

47 Lemaistre Street, MLS#1333286 $549,900
Carleton Place-909

19 Ernie Godin Way, MLS#1353425  $784,900

73 Lillico Drive, MLS#1322995  $899,900
Hunt Club-4804

218 Herrick Drive, MLS#1335307 $424,900

49 McGregor Scobie Crescent, MLS#1333149 $540,000

2177 Dublin Avenue, MLS#1358433 $689,900
Bel Air Park-5401

11 Brads Court, MLS#235052 $1,399,900
Stittsville South-8203

2511-1081 Ambleside Drive, MLS#1369537 $489,900
Ottawa Parkway – 6001

318-320 Miwate Private, MLS#1352108 $789,900

Thank you again for another fantastic year!

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Don’t forget to change your address

So you are moving… don’t forget to change your address! Here’s a handy list to help!

Have a great move!

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Moving Tips

Preparing to move can be one of the most stressful things you can do. Here are some easy steps to help you get through your next move.

Prepare and plan

Planning and preparing is key to a smooth move. Creating a plan can help you keep on track to that move. Remember to add a little buffer time as packing can take a little longer than expected.

Tip: Don’t forget things like changing address on drivers licences, health cards and switching the utilities.


This is a perfect time to declutter. Donate those things you haven’t used in years. Cleanse your wardrobe of clothes that don’t fit any longer.

Create some boxes for recycle, donate and trash. Doing this room by room will mean you wont be moving things you no longer need.

Hire a mover

You’ve got great friends right? Right! Moving is long and heavy work. At the very least hire movers to move the large heavy objects like appliances. Your friends will thank you.

Create a timeline

Create a timeline and stick to it. I know the sun is shining and the beach is calling, but moving day will come up fast. Having a timeline will help you stay on track to an easy move.

Set a budget

Moving boxes and supplies can add up and be an unforecasted cost. Take a moment to look at what you need and how much it will cost. Check kijiji for moving boxes, as often others moving will give them away. It will save you on your budget.

Start packing early

Start packing early. If you are moving in the summer, pack all your winter things. Anything you don’t need immediately, pack them up ahead of time..

The first night box.

As well as you prepare, a first night box will be helpful. Your first night box will have items such as toilet paper, paper plates, coffee maker, sheets and pillows. It’s enough to get you through the first night and the next morning.

Last but not least…Enjoy your new home! Your new memories await!

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Dinner party tips and tricks

Hosting dinner parties are so much fun, but they can seem stressful, so preparation is key! Here are some tips when planning your next soiree.

Preparation is key.

As soon as you know you are going to host a party, start thinking about the guest list, the style of food and the overall atmosphere. If you are not used to hosting events, keep your first event small and then grow your events as you gain more confidence.

Send out any invitations well ahead of time so that you can get an accurate headcount of how many guests will be coming.

Simplify your menu.

When thinking about what food you will serve, keep it simple. Platters of food that can be prepared ahead of time making it simple to host. Try making ahead of time appetizers, salads, antipasto platters or small proportioned food. This way you spend most of your time with your guests and not in the kitchen.

Trying something new?

This is probably not the time to test out that new recipe you found on Pinterest, especially if this is your first time hosting. Go with a simple menu that you have made before and you know tastes great. This is less likely to result in a “pinterest fail”.

Enlist an extra set of hands.

Invite a friend over early to help with the setup and greet guests. Have a glass of wine while you set up and have some fun. It also takes the pressure off if you are nervous about your event.

Set the mood.

Lighting and music can make the party. Take some time to create a great playlist and get the lighting right. It will set the tone for your guests as they arrive.

Mingle and have fun!

The hard work is done and your guests are here. Now is the time to chat and enjoy your guest’s company.

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Moving with Moore

My good friend Keith Moore suffers from MS. It is a life-changing disease and when we found out we were heartbroken for him and his young family. 

Keith is an inspiration and has such a positive attitude towards life. Although he has good and bad days, he focuses on the good and makes you realize when you have a bad day, it’s not so bad!  I am so proud to call this great man, my friend.

One thing he said to me that I will never forget is: “everyone has something and this is my something”.  He continues to work as an amazing Chiropractor and support his family while living with MS.  He doesn’t let this disease stop him from the good things in life and has a passion to help others.

Last year our team was top fundraiser because of Keith passion and drive, this year we would love to be top again!  We walk every year and we are walking again this year!

Support our team, MOVING WITH MOORE team and we can help beat this together. Any donation is greatly appreciated. 

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What’s on in Ottawa this Spring

Ottawa is a great city with lots of activities and events.

During a usual year, there is still so much to enjoy from museums, sporting events, skiing, tobogganing, sailing, hiking and so much more. Spring is especially a great time of year for festivals and other fun adventures.

Whether you are a foodie, sports enthusiast or lover of the arts. This city has something for everyone.

What’s on this Spring in Ottawa

Until April 2 – Experience a day at an authentic Canadian sugar bush

April 26 to May 1, 2018 – Ottawa International Writers Festival, Spring Edition

May 11 to 13, 2018 – Ottawa ComicCon

May 11 to 15, 2018 – Ottawa Children’s Festival

May 11 to 21, 2018Canadian Tulip Festival

May 26, 2018 – Great Glebe Garage sale

Throughout the year there are other great things to do…
Keep your eye out for these fun events in our great city.

● Bluesfest – with ten days in July of blues bands from around the world
● Canadian Tulip Festival – two weeks in May – the largest tulip festival in the world
● Ottawa International Jazz Festival – 10 days in June of jazz performers from around the world
● Fringe Festival – 10 days in June of plays and theatre
● Folk Music Festival – Four days of folk music acts in September every year
● Dragon Boat Festival – Four days of dragon boat racing in June every year
● Canada Day – July 1 every year

Cultural Centres and events
The Museum of Civilization (Gatineau)
The National Arts Centre
The Canadian War Museum
The Canadian Museum of Nature
The Agriculture Museum
The Aviation and Space Museum 
The Science and Technology Museum

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House hunting… Military style

You may be a military family or know someone in the military. Military house hunting is like no other experience. Stress level run high when buying a house in a short amount of time, AND waiting for THAT posting message can seem like forever.

Let’s cover the basics… 5 days to find a house… yes, I know it’s 7 for an HHT (House Hunting Trip), but those last two days are buffer days in case all else fails. Finding a house in that length of time looks like the end scene from a Benny Hill movie. It’s fast, intense and can be filled with emotion.

Here are some tips that will help during your next military move.

Be Prepared
Get pre-approved for financing BEFORE your house hunting trip. Knowing what you can afford will make houses shopping a lot easier. The new stress test is in, so now more than ever, your pre-approval is important. Pre-approval will also give you a little more flexibility for your housing conditions and this can make or break a sale in a competitive market.

Make a list
Make a list of first day, second day and all else fail houses. Your agent can help you get this list down to the must-see houses. Take the time to talk to them about the type of house and area you want to live in. They can suggest areas to look at.

Read the Brookfield policy
I know reading policy can be really dry, buy rules change and what was covered last time, may not be covered this time.

Technology Rocks!
Did you find a great house, but you are too far away? Ask your agent to take you on a FaceTime tour. It may not be the one and you can then keep or on the list or take it off the must-see list.

Book a babysitter
Find a drop-in centre for the kids, book the MFRC childcare, hire a happy or ask your agent what options are available in your area. House hunting will be a lot easier when you can focus on finding the perfect house.

Pre-book your building inspector
I know it’s crazy to book an inspector for a house that you haven’t bought, but if you want to get everything done in time, it’s essential. Your agent can suggest building inspectors and lawyers that are Brookfield approved that you help you along the way.

Take pictures
“What did that kitchen look like?” Take some pictures of some of the houses you like. You can then go back and look at them when you are making a decision on “the one”.

Don’t see TOO many houses
Make your must-have list and get your list down to a reasonable level. Seeing too many houses will become confusing and overwhelming. Researching the neighbourhoods where you are moving will help you find the right area for you.

This is a big one… When you get posted in a few years can you resell that house? Ask your agent about how easy it will be to resell the house when it becomes time to move again.

Happy HHT season military friends!

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Decluttering your home

It’s a new year and time to start decluttering your home. Here are 4 videos from Vanilla Staging to help you get started on your decluttering. These great videos have tips, tricks, staging and more from our very own, Tracy Martineau.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

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Deals with Dani – 127 Harmattan Ave, Stittsville

Deals with Dani – 127 Harmattan Ave, Stittsville

This well maintained 3 storey townhome is Located in the desirable area of Fairwinds. Located on a quiet street this home offers an open concept kitchen and eating space. Huge second floor family room, great for entertaining. Third level has two large bedrooms with cheater ensuite bath. A large bonus space on the main floor perfect for office, gym or a recreation room. Enjoy summer nights on the oversized deck above the two car garage.