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Top ten tips for going to Cinema Under The Stars

As we gear up for Cinema Under The Stars, we thought we would bring you some top ten tips for an outdoor movie night.

1.    BYO Seat
A movie in the park is a fun experience for young and old. Bring a comfy lawn chair, beanbag or blanket to watch the movie.

2.    Bike, walk or carpool
There is parking across the street in a parking lot, however, if you can walk, ride or stroll it to the park, it will make it a less frustrating finding a parking space.

3.    Bring your friends
Bring your friends, family, and children. It is a fun night to share with the entire family.

4.    Don’t forget the essentials
You never know what you might need. Bring some bug spray a snack, hand sanitizer and a camera to capture your memories.

5.    Bring some fun
An outdoor movie start time is dependent on when the sun goes down. Bring a frisbee, some cards or something to do while you wait for the movie to start.

6.    Have some change on hand
There will be a concession stand with popcorn and drinks. These will be available by donation with proceeds going to the Stittsville Food Bank. It’s a good reason to buy some popcorn and help out your local community.

7.    Washrooms are very important!
If you have ever had a child that needs to go “right now”, you know how important it is to know where the closest washroom is. Stittsville Signs will be opening their washrooms for attendees of this event. Stittsville Signs is located next to the park. Please be aware that other local businesses have their washrooms for their patrons, so if you use them, please make a purchase.

8.    Layer up and bring a blanket
The evening can get cold. Bring a blanket or some extra sweaters in case it gets chilly.

9.    Get there early
Get there early so you can find the perfect seat to watch the movie.

10.    Turn off your phone
Just like for any movie, a cell phone can be distracting. If you have your cell phone, please put them on silent, so everyone can enjoy the show.

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