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Saving your sanity when your house is on the market

Anyone that has bought and sold a house knows that keeping your house staged and clean can be challenging. (Especially if you have children). It is important for any showing or open house that your house shows well. Here are some of my favourite tips to save your sanity when you list your house.

Hire a house cleaner
This could be for one deep clean or have a housekeeper come ever couple of weeks. The extra hands to keep on top of the cleaning can save so much stress.

Less items in the house, means less to clean. It will also make your house look bigger with more storage space when there are fewer items in it.

A checklist is a must
Make a checklist so that everyone in the house knows what needs to be done before an open house or showing. Many hands make light work.

Morning cleanup, evening cleanup
Set aside some time in the morning and evenings do a little bit of cleaning. Keeping on top of the cleaning and tidying will help when a short notice showing might come up.

Laundry baskets aren’t just for laundry
Have a couple of laundry baskets handy for the times you just need to throw everything in put it in the car with you. Those times sometimes happen and laundry baskets are easy to take in and out of the car.

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