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Moving checklist

Moving can be a stressful time and there are so many things to remember to do. Here’s a list to make it a little easier.

Two Months Before

  • Sort, purge, and store – Go through your house and decide what you no longer need. Going room by room with three boxes labeled (donate, recycle, throw away) will keep this on track. If you haven’t used it in the last two years, do you need it? Box up things that you may not need for the next few months and store them either neatly in a basement, friends house or storage unit.
  • Investigate – Look into moving companies and request an onsite estimate.
  • Create a moving binder – A moving binder is a great way to keep track of all your moving documents, estimates, inventory of items, school documents, marriage certificate, mortgage documents and any other items you may need.

Six Weeks Before

  • Order supplies – To ensure you are ready, order your supplies in advance. Items like markets, tape, bubble wrap, boxes, wardrobe boxes, dish barrels etc. Don’t forget to label your boxes!
  • The extra food… it’s time to get creative – Start using up all the extra food in your house. Get creative with your frozen food. The more you use the less you have to move.

One Month Before

  • Book a cleaner – Moving can be stressful and tiring. Book a cleaner to do a thorough move out clean when you leave.
  • Confirm your mover – Confirm your mover and ensure that you have written confirmation of dates, costs, insurance and any other important items.
  • Start packing – If you aren’t hiring packers, this may take a little longer than you think. This is another good time to purge items that you may no longer want.
  • Label clearly all your boxes and which room they belong. This will make unpacking a lot easier.
  • Keep your valuables separate – Keep valuables such a jewellery and documents such as your moving binder separate. Move these items with you on the day of the move. Many movers also will not transport alcohol and cleaning supplies. If you wish to keep these, they will need to be transported separately.
  • Change of address – Contact your post office and have your mail forwarded to your new address. Make sure you contact any institutions, banks, insurance companies etc. that require your address and notify them of your move.

Two Weeks Before

  • Take the day off… Don’t forget to take a few days off to move and unpack into your new house.
  • Confirm details – Call your moving company and confirm details. Arrange to pick up your keys and signing of any final documents.

One Week Before

  • Pack a suitcase – Don’t forget to pack a suitcase for a week. It may take some time to unpack and it will allow you some time to find the box with your favourite clothes.
  • Pack a “first-day” tote – A first-day tote can make all the difference. For each bedroom, pack a sheet set, pillow, and any items that might be needed the first night. Also pack a kitchen and bathroom kit with paper plates, cups, coffee maker, towels, shower curtain and any other items that you may need right away.

A Few Days Before

  • Defrost the freezer, clean out the fridge and empty the garbage.
  • Reconfirm the details and confirm the arrival time of the movers.
  • Buy some water and other supplies for the movers.
  • Confirm that you have cash on hand and other payment ready.
  • Book daycare or a babysitter for the move day.

Moving Day

  • Take inventory and keep track that your boxes are labeled. Keep a copy so you can verify when the boxes arrive at the new location.

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