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Welcome October

Welcome October, what a beautiful fall this has been! As our neighbourhoods welcome fall, the trees show their beautiful colours and leaves begin to fall, it’s a gentle reminder that cooler temperatures are soon to come. Fall is one of my favourite seasons, the cooler temperatures giving us free reign to cozy up indoors. You can easily and simply create your own indoor oasis in a few simple steps. Throw pillows and bedroom pillow cases were invented to be changed up!

Swap out bright summer colours for your favourite cozy colours, textures, and fabrics. Changing out candles, napkins, and centrepieces can move your room from season to season. Don’t feel you have to get rid of your whites or brights if you love them, however try just mixing them up a little. Red and crimson candles are always a win. Living rooms and bedrooms can come a long way by changing up light summer throw blankets and replacing them with a heavier weight. Try a faux fur throw, a super soft fleece or the classic Canadian Hudsons Bay wool blanket. Don’t be shy to use and mix texture. This fall is all about charcoal, reds, and navy, embrace your style and choose the ones that speak to you, or you can stick to the classics. You can never go wrong in the fall with the traditional harvest oranges and reds!

If you’re looking for some activities to include the smaller aged crowd think about ways to bring the outdoors in. Collect a pile of branches, pine cones or acorns, and of course pumpkins and gourds. A little can of paint, and voila you have perfect fall decor you can mix throughout your home. A bushel of gold or black branches in an old pair of rubber boots, glittery acorns and pine cones in a beautiful family bowl. There are no rules when it comes to your home but one!

You should love it! I hope you have an amazing fall.

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